Bruce lee - mannen myten legenden


Bruce Lee, den störste kampsportsutövaren någonsin. Han började träna Wing Chun under Yip man  men utvecklade senare Jeet Kune Do och har medverkat i otaliga filmer.

”All knowledge ultimately means self knowledge, said Lee in an interview. For Lee, to be a martial artist means also to be an artist of life.

In Lees pursuit of personal perfection, he walked a life of deep philosophy that urged him to seek answers and improvement. Bruce Lee was perhaps the best martial artist because he made himself that way, because he sought answers and resolutions. What set him apart from other martial artists was his understanding of the human dynamics of change. Most traditional martial artists taught a style of fighting that was set in stone—they gave a fixed set of moves and attitudes that defined their specific form of fighting. It reflects a very old form of thought given in Western philosophy in the words of Plato who believed in another realm of eternally static perfection to which we must mold ourselves. In the traditional view, change is imperfect; perfection is sought by denying change any relationship to the deeper, metaphysical reality.”

Pain is just weakness leaving the body...

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