You know you´re a jiu jitsu fighter when...

You know you´re a jiu jitsu fighter when... är en lista med hög igenkänningsgrad, jag har gjort i princip alla här i nån form, läs och njut :)

-If you hate spending money, but will still spend over 100 dollars on a gi.

-If you are willing to fight your grandmother if she disrespects jiu-jitsu, gi's, or Helio Gracie!

-If you spend all day watching YouTube videos of tournaments, or instructionals.

-If the only thought in your mind when you walk by someone is "I bet i could submit him!"

-Or if the ony thought in your mind when you walk by someone is "I bet i can submit her!"

-When you pull guard in a street fight.

-When instead of shadow boxing you shadow grip fight.

-If during an action movie you get mad because the good guy had a tight rear naked choke and couldn't finish it.

-If you try to tan to make yourself look Brazilian.

-If your facebook profile picture is you in your gi.

-If in more than 60% of the pictures taken of you, you are doing a hangin lose hand signal.

-If you named any pet one of the following: Gracie, Helio, Royce, Royler, Roger, Cobrinha, Rubens Charles, Atama, Keiko Raca, Vulkan, Triangle choke, Rnc, Armbar, Shoyorol, Bj Penn, Bj, Saulo, Rickson, Meagton, Kron...ect...

-If the wallpaper on your phone, computer, or actual wall is some kind of jiu jitsu patch.

-You try to grapple your pets and you always seem to win

-If everyone thinks you have a hickey on your neck but it's really a gi burn!

-If your girlfriend rolls her eyes every time you start a story b/c she knows it's going to be jiu-jitsu related.

-If one of the bookmarks on you homepage for your internet is the gi section of on of the following: budovideos, atama, keiko raca, HCK, or any other place that sells gis.

-Playing rope toy with your dog becomes a fight for grips.

-When you feel the urge to pummel for the underhooks when you hug someone.

-When you hip escape to switch positions while laying in your bed.

- If you sit with your legs crossed like a triangle.

-If you have the urge to arm-drag someone when they put out their hand to shake your hand.

-When you front roll in to the train before the doors close... and when people look at you funny, you just make the hang loose sign.

-When while your sleeping you accidentally apply an armbar to your sleeping girlfriend, all the while having a dream about your last roll!!!

-You know you're a jiu jitsu fighter when you practice your cross collar chokes on your steering wheel while driving.

-When you hear that Rashad Evans got his black belt and you're not impressed.

-when you watch UFC and you feel all warm inside because Joe Rogan starts commentating on a fighter's jiu jitsu skills.

-When you're sleeping and you wake up with your blanket off, you use your feet to hook the blanket and put back over you.

-When you lie down on the ground and anytime someone passes by you... you lay on your side in an open guard...... or you ankle pick and take them down.

-When you hip bump out of bed in the morning.

-When your boss tells you that there is a mandatory seminar on the weekend, and you automatically think its Jiu-Jitsu Related.

-When you see someone getting choked out in a movie and you yell out "PUT THE HOOKS IN!" then turn to the person on your right and yell out "HE'S NOT PUTTING THE HOOKS IN!"

-When you know more about the Gracies and Machados than you do about your own family.

-When... you print out this list and hang it in your office.

-When you carry your kids using a key lock on your own wrist because it makes the load easier :) one under each arm and one on your back!

-When your doctor asks if your husband beats you because of the number of bruises on your legs and arms...

-When the most expensive piece of clothing you own is your gym shorts...

-When you say you want to put someone in the electric chair and you're not talking about capital punishment.

-When you hear the word backpack and automatically think about Marcelo Garcia.

-You know you’re a jiu jitsu fighter when while your sleeping you accidentally apply an armbar to your sleeping girlfriend, all the while having a dream about your last roll!!!

-When you see a first-day person with his belt tied the wrong way, and you go up to them to tie it properly, and can see the terror in their face as you approach.

-When at family gatherings, you can be found at the
kids table teaching all the little ones how to properly rear naked choke their friends.

-When you think that feet are disgusting but your favorite submission is an ankle lock.

-When gis, shorts, and rash guards all make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts!

-When you wipe your feet on your legs to get the dirt off them!

-When you're the only guy at the fights yelling, "Peruvian Necktie! Per-U-VI-AN NECKTIE!"

-When you go to hug your grandma and you make sure you get underhooks.

-When you start coaching fighters in the ring on a proper triangle.

-When you get offended when people call jiu-jitsu...wrestling!

-When you only buy clothes that could hold up to a game of "grips".

-When you like the white stripes on your gi, but hate the band "The White Stripes"

- When you hug your girlfriend and always go for the underhook.

-When you tell your friends you paid $75 for a Rigan Machado seminar and they look at you like your crazy.
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